Your First Day Home With Your New Puppy

The vehicle ride itself is a novel experience for dogs and thus don’t travel a lot of the first couple of times pup gets in the car. Head to town, carrying your puppy Available puppies. Bring lots of snacks, and ask everyone you see should they want to satisfy your pup to provide him a deal. There are not many people in this world who can resist a puppy! You want your puppy to think that loud sounds, funny smells and ridiculous people roaming the roads are perfectly ordinary.

When there’s heavy traffic, then give your pet a deal as it passes. In case a fire engine or ambulance goes by, treat and sound happy. Truck or bus backfires? This will get your pet used to all the sounds and possibly scary things that he will inevitably strike. If you expose your puppy to road traffic and sounds in a positive way he will be comfortable walking down the road with you despite loud noises and other distractions.

Where to socialize

Dog friendly, open air shopping facilities are ideal for puppy socialization. Quit into Unleashed, the Dog Store to present your pet to dog-loving humans and friendly canines and have lunch in a sidewalk cafe next door. This environment allows your pet to have new adventures while on leash. Quail Corners Shopping Center is also dog friendly. Relax in the patio area of It’s a Grind, coffee shop where treats are available for humans and canines alike.

Can not find a shopping center close to you? Many Starbucks and Panera places have outside seating where you are able to sit puppy while you enjoy coffee or a bite.

Dog bakeries make a rewarding (and yummy) socialization outing!